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Ellingham Primary School

Strong roots for flourishing futures

23rd February 2017

Old Macdonald had a farm in Ellingham Nursery.

This week we have begun learning all about the animals who live on a farm.

We have begun to learn the special name for each baby animal; some of them are very tricky to remember.

We practise the names of the animals when we use the cutters at the playdough table.






It was fun playing a sorting game at circle time...






we had to decide if the animal lived in a jungle ( or the African plain), the farm or the ocean. Luckily no lions went to live on the farm!

Animal pairs is an exciting way to improve our memory skills. It is also a way for us to learn to take turns. Why not have a go at playing a similar game at home?

Some of us have thought about the farm when we are painting. This fence should be strong enough to keep the animals safe!



In the Nursery garden, the farm shop has been doing a roaring trade.





The slightly warmer weather has even encouraged shoppers to stop for a picnic!