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Ellingham Primary School

Strong roots for flourishing futures

18th March 2017

Nursery chose Chicken Run as their film for Science Week 2017

On our chicken farm, the farmer also grows vegetables, so we peeled and chopped them as part of our investigations.





Some of the vegetables were very hard to cut but the smell was amazing!




The story of the Enormous Turnip helped us

understand how some of the vegetables grow.


We then planted some seed potatoes of our own; I wonder how many potatoes we will harvest at the end of the summer term? 





Even our counting and cooking involved vegetables this week. Why not have a go at picking up peas with tweezers yourself, can you pick up 6?

Carrots are our favourite vegetable to bake in a cake...



To help us understand growth in nature, we have also been lucky enough to have been given some tadpoles. We will keep you posted on their progress over the weeks to come.





As you can see we have made good use of our observational skills this week. Why not take a look at our garden and see what you can spot growing?