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This week in year 1 

This week in Year 1, we have been learning about the /au/ and /aw/ sound during our phonics lessons.

We have been looking at the sounds /aw/ and /au/, wchich can be found in the words claw and autumn. We have practised reading these sounds in words and then in sentences.


We have also looked at this video to practise reading words with these sounds. You can watch it again with your child by clicking below. Try pausing the video and ask your child to read the words as they come up.





In Maths, we revised 3D shapes. We made some of our own shapes using art straws! We made a cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, triangular prism and a sphere.

Then we used the scales to discuss weight, using our key vocabulary ‘heavier than’ and ‘lighter than’.

We are all looking forward to our trip to the transport museum next Tuesday!