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Welcome to Moses Class 2016-2017

From Mr Carpenter-White...

Dear parents/guardians

My name is Mr Carpenter-White, and I will be the class teacher for Year 3 Moses class this year. This is my second year at the school and my second year in Year 3, so I am raring to get going with my lovely new class. I will be joined this year in lessons by our fantastic teaching assistant Mrs Freer. Mrs Pakes will be continuing to teach Music to the children once a week and we have our incredible, enthusiastic coaches from Johnsons Football School to teach PE.

As I am sure you know, we have high expectations at Ellingham and pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we form between the staff and children. At the start of this year, we have created our own set of class rules which your children have helped create. They have agreed on them to ensure we maintain an outstanding learning environment and a safe school.

To reward children for respecting and championing these rules we will have a number of new systems in place. School Houses are being introduced this year and will be replacing the star learner rewards and certificates. Students will be rewarded house points by showing excellence through their behaviour, both in class and out, and by demonstrating determination, resilience and success in their academic work. These points will go to helping their house succeed, but will also count towards certificates that the children can earn.

Alongside this whole school system, I will also have some of my own things I will be doing in class. The children will be seated in groups of 4 and will be taught to be a valuable, accountable member of their team. This will be rewarded with table points. These table points will be added up each week to reward the most successful teams with an in class treat.

Having now met the excellent learners in my class, I am sure I will be handing out lots of rewards this year. However I must also address our policy for sanctions, for those who are choosing to disobey the class or school rules.  We are introducing a peg based system where all children will start each day with their peg on a ‘positive learner’ section (similar to the green traffic light system from last year). If a child makes a poor choice, they will need to move their peg down to the ‘given a look’ section. If more poor choices are made they will move their peg to the ‘1st warning section’, then to their ‘2nd warning’. If their choices continue to be poor once past this point, then they may be asked to move to another classroom; be sent to the Key Stage Leader; miss some of their break time; or be sent to the Deputy or Head Teacher. I would like to stress that children in my class will have several chances to correct their choices before it escalates to these stages, however we take our school values and rules very seriously and would like your support in helping us maintain positive learning environments for all our children.  If you would like to discuss any of this further with me, please do not hesitate to email or catch me for a chat.

Leading on from that, I would like to state that I have an open door policy and am happy to meet about any queries you may have about your child. I will always be in the playground at the end of the school day for a quick chat, alternatively, please email the office if you would like to arrange a longer meeting.

I am also always in early if you would like to meet before school, but I would request we meet before 8:30am as it is difficult to meet whilst children are entering the school and classrooms.

So now we move on to what we will all be learning about in Year 3 Our topics for this year (which change each half term) will be:

Autumn 1 Into the Woods.

Autumn 2 Savage Stone Age.

Spring 1 American All Stars.

Spring 2 Groovy Greeks.

Summer 1 Beyond Chessington.

Summer 2 What did the Romans do for us?

Information about each of these will be available on the website in topic webs and I will be blogging as we go along.

As part of some of these topics we have exciting days planned to engage our young learners.

During the ‘Into the Woods’ topic we study the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We are planning a trip to the local woods in order for our children to gather natural materials for their artwork. Details on this will follow shortly, but I imagine this will be scheduled for sometime in October.  

We will also have themed days including Stone Age Day and Roman Day, where we engage the year group by transforming our classrooms and interactively learning through role play. On these days we encourage children to dress up, but it is not compulsory. I will keep you updated far in advance of these days.

There will also be a trip to Chertsey Museum during the Spring term to support our learning about the Greeks.

Any other important days or trips that may come up I will keep you informed about through letters, the website and emails.

I have not yet confirmed a date for our class assembly this year, but will let you know shortly.

Other little bits for you to know:

  • In Key Stage 2 we do not get supplied with fruit. Please ensure you give you children fruit to bring in for their morning break, these should not be left in their lunchboxes, but brought up to the classroom each morning.
  • PE kits are compulsory and must be worn to take part. Our PE days are Thursday (Outdoor) and Friday (Indoor). We suggest leaving the PE kits in school for the duration of each half term before taking home to be washed.
  • Correct school uniform will also be required at all times in class. This mean appropriate footwear. Trainers are not allowed to be worn  during lesson time.
  • Some parents have asked about swimming lessons this year. At the end of year 3, one of the two classes will have lessons; the other class will have their lessons at the beginning of Year 4. This is due to the space we are offered by the lesson providers, otherwise we would get both classes to attend in the same year. We have not at this time decided whether Moses or Felix class will be doing it this year yet, buy will make you aware as soon as we know.
  • This year we will be continuing to use the learning journals for homework and any other out of school work your child wishes to share with us. However, we will be reintroducing the reading diaries as a separate book. In these the children should record what they are reading (this includes all forms of literature) and should be accompanied by any comments from listeners. 

I hope I have covered most things that you may have been pondering on. If you feel there are some parts that are unclear, or you have further questions, my door is always open. If that is for any reason not possible, please e send me an email through the school office.

I am very excited to be starting this journey with such a lovely new class, and look forward to working together with you all to ensure success for our young learners this year.  

Kind regards,

Mr J Carpenter-White

Moses Class Teacher

Ellingham Primary School