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Ellingham Primary School

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PGL Liddington reminders

Reminders for those going on the trip...

Travel times:

  • Monday 12 September at around 9.30 am
  • Please ensure your child is in school for normal time for registration.
  • Wear their own clothes. 
  • Provide your child with a packed lunch.  Please do not order any hot meals for your child for that week.
  • We will be leaving around 1.30pm on Friday 16th September arriving back at school around 2.15 to 2.30pm.   If there are any delays, we of course advise the office at school and a text will be sent with a new estimated arrival time.


  • Monday – Friday: Mr Caswell and Mr Redmond (travelling on the coach)
  • Monday – Wednesday: Mrs Peters
  • Wednesday – Friday: Mrs Cook


  • Grouped based on friendships/we have asked children who they want to be with.
  • Find out once we arrive.
  • Different groups for rooms and day time.
  • Free time and meal times when they can sit with who they want.


  • £10 maximum
  • In coins
  • In named wallet/purse/container