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The Viking Sagas

The Viking sagas in animation form.

This collection of Viking Sagas is told by Loki, shape-changer, mischief-maker...and expert story-teller.

First Loki relates how Odin creates the world - making Jotunheim for the giants, Midgard for humans and Asgard for the gods themselves, finally connecting Asgard to Midgard with a rainbow bridge.

This first episode is an abridged adaptation of the full Viking creation myth, focusing on the role of Odin in creating the physical landscapes which then feature in the sagas.

In Freya and the goblins Loki relates how the goddess Freya strays into the underworld home of the gods' enemies, the goblins.

Then in Thor and the giants Loki recounts a rip-roaring adventure with Thor in the frozen land of Jotunheim.

In the final extended saga - about the Apples of Iduna - Loki recalls a time when the gods are threatened by the theft of Iduna and her magic apples by the King of the Giants.

The full collection of sagas are on the bbc radio website: