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Ellingham Primary School

Strong roots for flourishing futures
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In 2014-15 the government introduced a new National Curriculum. Please click here to see more.

At Ellingham we have spent a considerable amount of time devising our own engaging and exciting curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of our community, as well as government expectations.

All members of staff have the exciting job of bringing the curriculum to life and making learning purposeful.  This includes inviting visitors into the school and planning trips, either in the local area or further afield.

All classes have interactive white boards as well as access to a wide range of other technology. Many lessons involve practical, hands on experiences, while others include learning through drama. We try, whenever possible, to deliver lessons in a cross-curricular way to join up the children’s learning. Of course, this is not always the most appropriate approach, as some subjects are best taught in isolation. Lessons are personalised, to meet the needs of individuals, with all children striving to meet their personal targets.