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Ellingham Primary School

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Lunchtime Supervisors

At Ellingham we have a team of dedicated, enthusiastic lunchtime supervisors who help the children to arrive at the beginning of the afternoon session safely, happily, well-fed and, very importantly, ready to learn.  The team is led by Mrs Clune, who ensures that all children are supervised, whether inside eating or outside playing, and that any medical or behavioural issues are addressed appropriately.

Working alongside the lunchtime supervisors we have two sports coaches, Mr Johnson and Mr Collins.   Both men are fully qualified coaches and are great at adapting to the likes, dislikes, skills and aptitudes of the children.  Their input during the lunchtimes has been given a huge ‘thumbs up’ from the children and it is wonderful to walk across the playground and see so many of them engaging in sports games and activities.

We are very grateful for to all these people who make such a valuable contribution to the Ellingham team.