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Ellingham Primary School

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Snow Day Activities

If the snow keeps you away from school and in your home, then here are some activities to keep you busy...

1. Make Use of the Snow

Might as well embrace the snow. Get outside with a shovel and clear the snow from the driveway and pavement outside your house.

2. Melting Magic

Scoop up the snow and add it to your sauce pan. Watch it melt. Remember our rap ‘States of Matter’.

3. Snow Fun

There is always the best traditions of snow angels and snow ball fights. Take pictures and capture the moments. 

4. Snow Fort

Too cold to go outside? Make a fort inside, using blankets and pillows, watch a movie from the fort!

5. Sock Basket

Arrange baskets, buckets, or targets in the middle of your living room floor, stuff socks into balls. Whoever gets the most socks in the baskets wins.  

6. Feed the birds!

When it is snowing the birds have a harder time finding food.  Now’s your chance to help out.

7. Save your boxes from Christmas and make a crazy skyscraper!!