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Ellingham Primary School

Strong roots for flourishing futures

3rd May 2017

What on earth is happening in the nursery garden?

This half term, we are enjoying learning all about gardens; what we can grow in them and what we might find in them.

We have been observing some caterpillars in the classroom. Like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, they ate and ate and they grew and grew until they were ready to transform into chrysalises. Now, we have to wait patiently until they emerge as butterflies. I wonder what kind of butterfly they will be?

We have produced caterpillar art work in many different forms.

Play dough caterpillars

Play dough caterpillars






Planting vegetables and flowers is great fun in the garden. We have planted beans and peas as well as topping up the potatoes which were planted last term and are growing rapidly.

Planting beans Planting beans





They all need watering of course and there is no shortage of volunteers for that job!








We are learning all about snails too. Welcome to the newest member of nursery, Turbo, our Giant African Land Snail.

Meeting Turbo







We have been comparing Turbo to the snails we find in the garden.

Garden snailsComparing snails








Would you be brave enough to hold Turbo?