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Ellingham Primary School

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Wow Wall

Well done to Tanya for getting her work on to the WOW wall! Her literacy work on persuading others about Romeo and Juliet's love included a range of sentence starters, relevant vocabulary and she even used a colon. Let's see who is next on the wall.

As you can notice, Rochelle has been resourceful during her mental maths test with all her jottings. This is a great way to help you manage all those calculations going on in your head. Moreover, when you've got those extra seconds left, you can return to a question you've left out if you've put the calculation to the side. 


How would you write a persuasive letter to your parents, explaining your love for the enemy? In literacy that's exactly what we have been doing. 

The class pretended to be either Romeo or Juliet and were asked to write a letter to their parents trying to convince them to allow their relationship. The children used persuasive techniques such as groups of three, flattery and emotive language to help them with their writing. Hayley's letter was very moving and she went over and beyond by using short sentences to create more emphasis and more emotions. Great job!